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Pictures of projects made from Lumber Logs' wood:

(Want yours included? Send it to me!)

Michael Blewett made this table of walnut:

Mark Stutz made this tool cabinet using only hand tools. Doors are cherry:

Gary Herrmann turned this bowl from cherry:

Doug Ladd made this sideboard from quartersawn bur (white) oak:

George Palmer made this walnut dining table:

Andy Gribble made the old time gourd banjo in the rear from our 12/4 walnut. The banjo in front is from Honduras mahogany:

Below is from Lee Nix: "I really want to thank you for what you guys do. I make Native American style flutes with the wood I buy from you, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate having a source for recycled wood so close to home. You can count on me to be a loyal customer for as long as you're there. 
Here is of a flute I made from wood I bought on my first trip to Lumber Logs. The flute itself is made from your aromatic cedar, and the bird totem is made of cedar from a 100-year-old fencepost from a friend's back yard. I've just gotten to the point in my flute making that I'm satisfied enough to sell them, so the flute in the pictures went to my first paying customer; she liked it so much that she called later that day and ordered another one. Please feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone who may be interested in getting a flute. They're very easy to play and good for the soul.

xineel [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jim Schoppman made this modified Stickley chest of drawers from our quartersawn white oak, a cabinet and table from cherry, and a crib with white oak:


Brian Hogg made this cherry dropleaf table with basswood drawer and cherry Shaker table  with basswood drawer:


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