Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pictures from the yard

Here are some photos of lumber we have had come in from our sawyers:

Natural edge spalted maple.

Here are some others dry and ready to go:

The cherry slab inventory is full:

Big wide quartersawn white oak table top material - these are extraordinary:

8/4 osage, some of it quartersawn:

Spalted QS sycamore:

Elm slabs with burl figure:

Huge thick heavy oak slabs (those are keys, for scale):

Another shot of the elm on left, oak on right:

Box elder turning blanks (kiln dry):

Last but not least, crotch figured chunks in a number of different species (above the mantle pieces):

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pear turning blanks

There are few woods as fun to turn as pear. We rarely have any blanks of any size in stock, so I am mentioning now that we DO have pear in sizable chunks for turning. We started with some big sections:

Some became thicker boards:

Some became bowl blanks:

A couple of the bowl blanks include some swirling figure:

    (The white is wet Anchorseal). Some blanks are only $5. Come and get 'em.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Scenes from the yard

Let's see if this new smart phone camera is any good. Here are some recent shots from the Lumber Logs' headquarters:

We finally bought fork extensions for the lift and can load the kiln without sweat:

We just got some nice wide cherry table top material from the sawyer. The biggest are 20" wide (before drying):

We have some green pear in sizable chunks:

Some pear still needs to be sawn into blanks:

If you want a piece of osage orange to turn then Joe will chainsaw off a chunk for you, leaving a pretty sight (if you like yellow):

Speaking of Joe, he has decided to decorate his workspace with a portrait of his niece. She is showing that you can pose with a (plastic) chainsaw and still be pretty.