Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on the move

Just a quick update on the upcoming move from where we are now to 300' south.

We have engaged an architect, decided on a building design and a builder, and now we await their coordinated effort. The City required the architect for a site plan and to make sure we are informed about whatever details goes with that sort of thing. We clearly will not have the building up and ready for the move by the end of July when our lease expires, so my expectations are now to move the last week or two of August, assuming it is ready by then.

We will be interested in a limited amount of help, for which we are willing to exchange wood. Too many helpers might be chaos, but we will need people at each end unloading inventory and reloading it into the new building. I will post here with details on dates, times, numbers needed and so on. My thinking is that we will be doing much of this on a weekend or two. If you can help us for a day, let me know when I post here about dates.

Fortunately, we acquired a forklift that will greatly aid the move. Stay tuned for more info!

One thing you can be sure of: we will be taking our precious pair of number one priorities. Note that correct grammer is not one of them.