Gallery 2014

Peter Tipton made this desk of elm, walnut and sassafras:

James Tipton, age 13, made these shelves from black locust:

Wayne Brinkman made this table with catalpa:

Carl Vesper made a 14" wide pizza peel with a single piece of basswood:

Tom S. made this Townsend reproduction with soft maple:

Philip Wenger used catalpa for this side table:

and then he used white oak for this bench:

Elizabeth Crosby got the cherry for this table from us:

Patrick Chaney made this vanity and tub surround from persimmon:

Andy Clawson made this rocker with walnut and ash:

Jonah Sprehe presented an engagement ring in this sycamore box to Erin Mattingly. She said yes!

Everybody knows which tent is Bruce Mayberry's thanks to this eastern red cedar tent marker:

Stephen Musial made this table with a walnut slab and circa 1887 Willcox & Gibbs sewing table legs:

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