Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking for help this weekend

A number of you have graciously volunteered to help with aspects of our move. Thank you all for the kind offers. It is now time to step up and earn some wood!

We need just a couple of people this Saturday for the glamorous task of painting fence posts. We have had to move the ~200' long chain link fence along one edge of our lot (we gained 7'!) and it makes sense to paint the rusty parts before reattaching the chain link. We will provide paint and brushes and pay $10 of wood per hour for your help. We will be open for retail beginning at 9 am and to be honest I do not expect more than a few manhours to complete the task. You will have your pick of any wood we offer as reward for your help.

First two people to email me at lumberlogsllc AT swbell.net will be accepted for duty this Saturday at 9 or so. Thanks all!