Monday, September 9, 2013

Bye bye butternut

Since we began this effort in 2004 we have come across exactly ONE butternut log. Apparently it does not grow naturally around here; thanks to whoever planted the one way back when. We had it sawn and just now sold the last of the lumber.

My only point - and you already knew this - is that if and when you come across some special wood, hoard it. Many of us already do this but I am surprised how many have spare bedrooms that are NOT filled with lumber. Kidding. Sorta.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Live edge material

We have always tried to have a few pieces of live edge material available - I rarely see this kind of stuff around town - and recent response has encouraged us to saw even more. I thought I'd show you what we now have in larger unique pieces.

These are longer walnut pieces with some curve to them. I could see two of them book matched and straight line joined for table top, or perhaps a set of shelves with a natural bow front. The water stains plane off. The narrow one in front is one of the first slabs; they get wider towards the center of the log.

[photo missing]

Here are some cherry pieces, some with crotch figure at the end:

[photo missing]

These walnuts have some straight edges simply because they were too wide to fit on the saw without trimming. That figure at the end will finish up nicely. Ash on the right.

[photo missing]

We have a number of cherry pieces air drying, some fairly short and a log's worth of longer pieces that will take a while yet to dry but I expect to be worth the wait: crotchy with bark on both edges if I recall correctly.

Don't forget our smaller crotch pieces. These are what I would reach for if I wanted to resaw my own figured panels for a frame and panel piece. Below them are some mantle pieces in cherry and walnut. None of these are kiln dried.

We may have located a new sawyer and this is an area we will building up over time, so stay tuned.