Sunday, August 12, 2012

Timber frame log rack

Up to now, Joe has scanned logs for metal primarily on our lot. There might be a preliminary scan at pickup if conditions allow, but the full thorough scan happens in our yard. Since the scanner picks up metal in the parking surface, he piles logs up high and and walks on the piles to scan them. This is not the safest thing he does every day because log piles can and do shift around at times. It is time to improve the method.

We need a platform to rest large logs on that is 5' above the lot surface. The rack cannot have any metal in it, so this is the chance to build something sort of timber framey I have been hankering for. Nothing fancy beyond large pinned mortise and tenons will be needed, but working with 6x6 fresh cut white oak should offer some interesting challenges. The rack will be 16' wide and 8' long. There will be three 16' sections to build and then join together. Joe has the cut list (which I have not seen yet) and just picked up some 16' long 6x6s. I spent today turning some 7" long 7/8" black locust dowels for pinning the joints.

This should be a fun and interesting project and we will follow it right here.

EDIT: This never happens.