Tuesday, February 5, 2013

still sawing

In the sort of progress that is hard to notice unless you look very carefully, we continue to fill up the air drying section of our inventory. We just stacked some nice wide walnut and some spalted sycamore plus some honeylocust boards that would make a spectacular table top:

 Here's hoping we get many warm sunny days this summer for running wood through the kiln. With the larger capacity racks in the building, it should be even more difficult to not find what you want as we fill them up.

We have been sawing a number of thick mantle pieces too, from walnut, cherry and oak. These pieces will not be kiln dried and should offer the kind of character that a nice mantle piece needs.

The band saw is out for repair. It has never been quite right and needed a larger motor for the wide band. Once it returns, we ought to be able to trim and stack some wood that got set aside when we moved. In short, between the sawing and the ability to trim, I am excited about our lumber inventory for the coming year!