Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New pictures and move news

I posted a number of new and old pictures of projects made with our wood in the new "Gallery 2010" page. There is some incredible stuff there. Enjoy!

We received our building permit and things finally seem to be moving on the building front. Concrete contractor is getting the utilities marked out and I'll bet they break ground next week.

Our existing building was broken into again today and a few small items not nailed down were taken. One of the benefits of the new location will be that we can finally secure the entire property in a way that makes theft very very difficult. The truckers we now share a lot with never even close the gate much less lock it. Fortunately thieves do not care about wood and cannot move the bandsaw.

You've seen our bandsaw haven't you? This early picture shows it before the upper wheel was installed. It is a heavily modified 38" Clement saw probably from ~1890s:

The band we use is a 2" carbide tooth that cost more than the saw. When finally tuned (we have had issues with the upper wheel) we will use it to trim boards and make more turning blanks and crotch pieces. 

The upper wheel was originally made of laminated oak on cast spokes. I am not sure why and the helpful folks on were unable to reach a consensus as to why some wheels were made this way. I cleverly made a new wheel using honey locust segments - not laminations - that ended up too big in diameter by about 3/8". This kept the band from fitting the guide you see hanging in the picture above and using the saw seemed more dangerous as a result. So we have torn off the new tire and I reduced the diameter with a belt sander. That honey locust is one tough wood! 

Joe dislikes extra projects like this so when we decided to get a radial arm saw for crosscutting, he made sure it was ready to go right away. I see his point.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We win an award!

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment selected Lumber Logs, LLC to receive their Ralph Wafer Environmentally Sustainable Business Award for 2011. This award is not given every year, so we are doubly honored to be recognized by such an organization as the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. I have followed the Coalition's efforts on a number of local environmental issues and they always seem to have a keen focus on issues of importance to our community. 

Joe and I recently went with our wives to the award dinner at Lemp Mansion, had some quality cold refreshments and fine food (not always the case at things like this, is it?), listened to a couple brief speeches and received the nice piece of hardware you see below (with Ralph Wafer, Joe and yours truly).

Okay, that's enough about us. My next blogging task is to get the gallery loaded back up. I may have lost some photos permanently, but it was unintentional and if it was yours I lost, please resend it.