Monday, November 28, 2011

Move news

Yes I know it has been awhile since the last blog posting. And no, it isn't because nothing is happening worth mentioning. I think the real reason is because the one thing I had hoped to be mentioning - specifically, our move and the related construction - is mired in all sorts of red tape.

Joe and I kind of spoiled ourselves for a while by flying this business by the seat of our pants, which took us mostly under the radar so to speak. Who knew we needed an occupancy permit? It honestly never occurred to either of us, and even now I am not sure if it is my problem or the landlord's. Either way, building a building in the city ends all the free-ride feeling. Want to stack logs on a lot with Unrestricted Zoning? Need a variance. Ours is pending*. Want to build a building? Permit required. (Okay, this one was not a surprise). Want a sign on the building? Permit. Want to build without gutters (like the building we are already in)? Waiver needed. And so on and so on. So while the building and move issues grind on, we pick up logs and sell lumber.

* The interesting thing about the zoning variance was the hearing. I went to City Hall (what a magnificent building! Too long since I'd been there) to speak to some Zoning People. Others had the same assignment for their tavern/child care center/counseling business. They call your address and you approach a podium with The Government on the other side of a very long desk-high partition. You stand, they sit. You introduce yourself, they just write it down. They ask relevant questions so they can understand what it is you want and why. This was how I found out about the sign permit. It goes well and businesslike and Lumber Logs was the only applicant to submit letters of support from neighbors and environmental bigwigs. I was told it was almost mandatory to have support from your Alderman and I suppose we could get it if he returned emails or phone messages. They will let us know. Being new to the whole process introduces stress into these known and unknown Unknowns. I dislike stress. It puts me off my blogging.

I do have a couple of other news items that deserve their own post, so let me make this one short and sweet so I am not intimidated to return with another sooner than three months later.