Thursday, November 29, 2012

collecting customer information

I just had an experience at Walgreens that disturbed me. I bought two items for $4.32 that would have cost me $7.52 if I had not signed up for their member program. This included giving them personal information like address and phone number so they can track every purchase I ever make in the future at any Walgreens. I realize that governments and retailers are collecting and storing all sorts of personal information "to serve us better", but really now, do I need anything more than inventory in place when I want an extension cord?

I will pass on the extended rant - I doubt it would change the world - but I want you to know one thing: Lumber Logs will NOT be asking for your social security number, income tax bracket, or if you have any outstanding parking tickets when you buy lumber from us. The only questions we do ask are things like "what are you building?" or "have you tried persimmon for that use?" - you know, things that are relevant to getting what you really want. Plus, we will charge you the same price per board foot whether you buy 3' or 300'.

This isn't just because I think "1984" is one of the scariest books ever written. It's also because loading your mailbox with coupons for extension cords does not strike me as useful to either of us. Plus, if you have met either Joe or Tom, it may not surprise you that neither is the sort to keep track of this kind of detail. Heck, I once had email addresses for hundreds of lumber buyers but effectively lost them in the email hack episode a while back. It's nice when following the Golden Rule is easier.


Timber frame update: no news really. We cut some 6x6 white oak and have it air drying a bit before we work it into the log rack. Perhaps this winter will see some progress, but if it proceeds like this blog, don't hold your breath!